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The Art of H Clay
" Real Art for Real People"
You may a few questions that we might be able to answer in our FAQ section just below...
FAQ's for H Clay and his Art
1) Who is or was H. Clay?
Harold Clay was a regional artist based in the Western New York area.

2) Was he always an artist?
Yes and no! While he always produced art and actually tought art during his lifetime, but he spent most of his working career as an electronic technician in the defense industry.
3) What type of art did H Clay make?
By and large he was a realist artist working primarily in acrylics on larger works. He also produced large scale watercolors, pen and ink works, and oils. 
4) Did H Clay sell his works?
Absolutely! In fact a survey of his work contained within his family indicates he sold at least two thirds of all he produced over the years.
5) Did H Clay have any formal art training?
He did immediately after his discharge from the Army Air Force in 1946. Attending and graduating from the Pittsburgh Art Insitute, H Clay's first paid position was as a commercial illustrator.
6) Where did H Clay teach?
He first enjoyed teaching art in the adult night school program in the Kenmore-Town of Tonawanda school system. Later he started private in-studio lessons in his private studio. 
7) Is his work available today for purchase?
It will be, and it will start this year with a decision to sell reproductions of his works, and a limited number of orignals. Stop back often for updates on this program.